Art movie review – Loving Vincent

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As a Van Gogh fan and painter myself I wanted to see this film since I knew about it. The incredible work done by the painters has produced an outstanding, breath-taking result. The paintings of Van Gogh come alive, the persons he painted begin to move and speak. With the narrator character we can visit the places he visited. It’s really an extraordinary project. For the esthetic appeal and the genial/crazy idea of the paintings-based movie I’d have given 10 stars. I can’t help but remember Kurosawa’s Dream (about Van Gogh) and The Mill and the cross (about Brueghel’s The Way to Calvary), but also What dreams will come (with Robin Williams).

I’m somewhat perplexed about the story-line though. Watching the movie one has the sensation to be in a computer game, the narrator moving from one character to another, trying to come to the truth. It is surely a modern way, maybe it’d be too much to demand more serious solutions for an animation movie, as it is. Also, it resembles a detective story that seems to suggest a murder, but in the end it dissolves.

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