Book review Adolph Menzel Paintings and drawings

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It’s been a real pleasure to read this book that treats a great artist so little known nowadays. Actually the text is occupying only about 20 pages of the book, tells us about the artist’s social and professional life and about how this, partly unpublished material was collected. As a bonus, it is James Gurney to present us Menzel giving an unusual insight to the artist’s life, Instead of a dry, boring biography this kind of introduction is very interesting and entertaining, it contains also some funny but also shocking notes. Gurney who himself is an excellent artist and teacher (I own some of his instructional books,). knows what kind of information is the most valuable to art students, so he underlines the eager will of Menzel to draw literally everything, including dead people, sleeping people but even a man on the toilet The drawings that fill the book are really beautiful, I enjoyed especially the portraits, made with a loose but very powerful technique.

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