Naked muse – book review

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Very enjoyable and entertaining book, highly recommended to those who, like me, nurture their mind and soul of art. The author, a professional model, introduces the reader not only in the classical style ateliers but also in her own mind while posing and not. She reveals worries about physical problems, analyses the various aspects of nakedness, her relationship to her body, the role of the model, whose body becomes an object for the sake of art. She introduces every chapter with a poem and the text is rich of references to famous artworks that she observes, provoking little time travels, even back to the Ice Age. All this in form of memories of different events in different locations (London, Bruges and others – at times this hoppng is a bit confusing, but this is the way human mind works.). She is defined a classic model by those who are painting her, and in fact she seems to live outside the rush of modern life, in a virtual space and time where past and present are equally at reach. Actually, this is the world of art

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