Book review – Art Nouveau – Dover

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libro art nouveau dover
libro art nouveau Dover publication


This book is a collection of ornamental Art Nouveau, mostly from previous Dover publications, figuring printed materials, textile and wallpaper designs, some jewellery and stained glass, but no architecture, no sculpture. Quite all the book is illustration, with very little text: short introduction, index of artists and bibliography. The material is divided by countries: France, England, Germany, Austria, Checoslovakia, Switzerland, USA. No nordic countries, no Spain, no Russia, no Hungary, which I consider a big omission. Also no works from Gaudì, Tiffany, Lalique, Klimt, no Fabergé eggs, nothing of the famous Zsolnay porcelains, there is only one poster from Toulouse-Lautrec, while the Mucha section is a bit richer. It’s good as a general reference of Art Nouveau ornamental motifs (I appreciated especially those with animals), but it is far from complete.

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